Doctor and pharmacist #1 recommended.

A new one-a-day uniquely formulated for women after menopause.

Promensil Women’s Health Post Menopause helps to support the changing health needs of women after menopause and beyond.

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What is Menopause?

Menopause is the last menstruation of a woman’s life. It is confirmed after 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period.

Menopause usually occurs between 45 to 55 years of age, but symptoms caused by the natural decline of estrogen levels in the body can begin many years leading up a woman’s last menstruation during a time known as perimenopause, as well as after menopause has been confirmed, known as post-menopause.

Harmonal Fluctuation Chart

Common Perimenopause, Menopause
and Post-Menopause Symptoms:

Other Symptoms Include:

  • - Reduced libido
  • - Insomnia
  • - Headaches
  • - Urinary frequency
  • - Vaginal dryness
  • - Inability to concentrate
  • - Anxiety & depression

Promensil is the first line treatment option for doctors and pharmacists recommending a natural health brand to treat menopause symptoms.


Are you at risk
of harmful effects?

Many women are unaware of the less obvious but more harmful effects that decreasing estrogen can have on your body including an increased risk of osteoporosis (bone loss) and high cholesterol.

Did you know?
Promensil helps to reduce Bone Mineral Density loss with adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D in Post-Menopausal women.

How Promensil® Works

Promensil contains 4 key isoflavones that mimic estrogen, but they are much weaker and without the risks associated with traditional hormone therapy (HRT).

The isoflavone molecules (phytoestrogens) in Promensil prefer to bond with beta estrogen receptors in cells but show no affinity to bond with the alpha estrogen receptors.

This means that Promensil is able to provide relief of menopause symptoms associated with lowered estrogen levels without elevating the risks of cancer or cardiovascular events, known side effects of HRT.

Over ½ billion doses of Promensil® have safely been consumed since 1997.

Image showing how Promensil works

Promensil® Products

Promensil® is the #1 red clover isoflavone brand used globally to treat symptoms in menopausal women.

Promensil Regular Strength Packaging

Promensil® Women's Health
Post Menopause

ONE A DAY product that includes a combinationof Red clover, EPA-DHA Omega 3, CoQ10, Vitamin D and Lutein/Zeaxanthin.

  • Helps support:
  • - Healthy heart
  • - Healthy bones & teeth
  • - Cognitive health & brain function
  • - Healthy eyes

  • Helps reduce:
  • - Light menopause symptoms
  • - Risk of osteoporosis
  • - Risk of cataracts
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Promensil Double Strength Packaging

Promensil® Double Strength

The Double Strength 80mg pack is the Doctor and Pharmacist recommended starter pack during the early stages of menopause or to treat severe menopause symptoms.

  • Helps reduce:
  • - Hot flashes
  • - Night sweats
  • - Vaginal dryness
  • - Sleeplessness
  • - Lack of concentration
  • - Nervousness
  • Helps support:
  • - Mood balance
  • - Bone health
  • - Cholesterol levels
  • - Heart health

Promensil Regular Strength Packaging

Promensil® Regular Strength

The Regular Strength 40mg pack is recommended throughout menopause as a maintenance dose.

  • Helps provide relief from:
  • - Menopause symptoms (Hot flashes, Night Sweats)

  • Helps support:
  • - Bone health
  • - Cardiovascular heath

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