The Science of Red Clover

Red Clover

Red Clover (trifolium pratense) is part of the legume family and one of the world's oldest agricultural crops used as a medicinal herb.

Like many legumes, Red Clover is a rich source of protein and isoflavones, but unlike chickpeas, Soy, split peas or broad beans, Red Clover contains all four types of isoflavones, genistein, daidzein, formononetin and biochanin.

Isoflavones are a class of phytoestrogens (found only in plants) that have a similar makeup to human estrogen. Promensil extracts isoflavones from whole Red Clover plants that are harvested just before they blossom to offer women a safe and pure and effective source of isoflavones to support their health during menopause and beyond.

The Promensil Difference

  • Promensil is the only menopause supplement backed by over 15 years of scientific research.
  • Promensil is the only menopause supplement backed by over 15 years of scientific research.
  • The Red Clover used in Promensil is cultivated and harvested in respect of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), ensuring full process traceability.
  • Each batch of Red Clover is inspected to determine the total content of isoflavones and contaminants before being processed into Promensil products.

How Promensil Works

Promensil contains 4 isoflavones (natural plant phytoestrogens from Red Clover) that mimic estrogen. These isoflavones are much weaker than traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and prefer to bond with beta estrogen receptors instead of alpha estrogen receptors.

This means that Promensil is able to provide relief of menopause symptoms without elevating the risks of cancer or cardiovascular events, which are known side effects of HRT.

How Promensil Works Diagram

Promensil® is the #1 Red Clover isoflavone brand used globally to treat symptoms in menopausal women.

Discover effective, natural relief and nourishment for your body's changing needs.

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